Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things I Do To Save Money

Another Thursday Thirteen is here! Today I am going to share 13 things that I do to save money. I will turn this into a larger post, where I go in depth on each item. But for now, here are my top 13, I have plenty of others, but these are my best tips, not in any order.

1. Buy in bulk
2. Plan a head
3. Use coupons
4. Watch sales ads
5. Shop on-line
6. Make home-made cleaners
7. Cook a head/in bulk
8. Free samples
9. Keep a price book
10. Shop at various stores
11. Meal plan
12. Reuse/repurpose
13. Blog

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  1. I buy in bulk and learned this year how much money I can save shopping online. Almost done my Christmas shopping and haven't had to step inside one store yet.
    Great list. Happy T13!

  2. I'm not sure shopping online saves me much money since there is little moderation for me :)

  3. Great list!! Shopping online saves so much money (and it is easier too!)

    Happy TT!