Tuesday, November 17, 2009

School Papers--Can you organize them?

I got this idea from here, she used hers in her homework center area. I needed a place to keep all the important school papers. I had been keeping them in my "mom's binder". I will talk about that another time, but that wasn't working for things that had a return by date, as I would forget about them, I needed them out in plain sight. However, being out in plain sight means they can get food dropped on them, dropped on the floor and into the dog slobber, or the 4 year old finds them and colors on them.

Then I saw this that We Are That Family had used, an old tray! I thought that was genious! I found this tray at good will and yes, it was perfectly cute the way it was, but I didn't want a Christmas tray hanging up all year round.

So I took my new favorite thing to use, my chalkboard paint and painted it! I found this at the local hardware store. I should have used primer first, after I sanded it, but I was out and too anxious to get started. So I painted 3 coats of the chalk board paint instead.

Here is the finished product, already in use. I have it on my back door going from the kitchen to the garage. I love it there, I am able to see things on my way out the door. I have 4 clips, one for each kid.


  1. Oh, I like this idea. I might have to make one for our house!

  2. Great tackle, and what an easy way to make your own chalkboard! I love it!

    If you have a chance, please feel free to stop by and see my tackle!

  3. Great idea. I love chalkboard paint too! I once painted half a wall (the bottom half of a very short wall) for my kids to scribble on in my craft room so we could be together while I crafted. Worked great.

  4. Oh that chalkboard paint...hand-y. Smart idea!