Friday, November 6, 2009

That girl of mine.

This is my second oldest and myself. On the schoolbus on the way home from a field trip where we went hiking in a nature preserve. It was by far one of the best field trips I have been on.

This one was right up her ally. She loves nature, bugs, animals, the outdoors, anything natural. She says she is going to be a bug doctor when she grows up. And most importantly, she was looking forward to having her mom all to her self. She was counting the days and couldn't wait.

She is my little girl that dances to her own tune. She doesn't care what anyone else is wearing, it is perfectly normal for her to wear Halloween and Christmas socks all year long, and no, they do not have to match the outfit. And as for her outfits, the more colors, the better. And yes, blue plaid and blue stipes do match, they both have blue in them.

She is the best one to take to the grocery store with you, she doesn't ask for anything, doesn't ask if we are done and never complains how long it is taking.

She is a go with the flow kind of girl and is very easy to please.

She is my hugger. She gives me a hug every day and loves to snuggle. I will often say that I have not had a hug today and she will run right over and hug me for as long as I like.

She loves to color and play games. This Bug-Opoly game is one of her favorites. Like Monopoly only with bugs! It is too sweet.

She is still young enough to enjoy and actually want to hold my hand.

I am embracing each day that she is like this and hope that she holds onto her unique qualities as she gets older.

She is greatful for the little things in life. A snuggle on the couch reading a good book, watching a favorite movie, playing a favorite game, or drinking hot chocolate on a cold day. Those are the things that make this girl happy.

It is such a reminder that kids don't necessarily want things, they want your time. There is no replacement for time spent with your child, teaching them, guiding them and being crazy with them.

Have you hugged your child today?

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  1. What a delightful child. Thanks for "sharing" her with us. :)