Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The List

I am a list person, it is who I am. At any given time, I have multiple lists. Lists for the grocery store, lists for what I need to do that day, that week, that month. A running list of things to do around the house. A list for movies I want to watch, books I want to read. A list of gifts I need to be on the look out for, the list of my lists goes on and on!

I need a list, without it I would forget. I don't mean to be forgetful. But at any given time I have a number of things going through my head. Things like: switch the laundry, set out meat to thaw, pay preschool, mail sympathy card, put more money toward kids school lunches, iron husbands shirts, clean bathroom, buy toilet paper, schedule 8 month old's photos, you get the picture. This is why I need a list.

One of my favorite place to find lists is over at Simple Mom, she has lists ready for you to print and use! One of my favorites is this one above, the pocket docket. I printed them and cut them. Then I simply used magnetic clips to attach to my fridge. I make my list for the day. In the list above, it was actually for the weekend as it included cleaning the garage, baking, etc.

It even has a spot for your meal plan for the day. I love it. You make your list, and check it off when completed!

This definitely works for me.

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