Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Anyone? More Like Red and Green.

I know many of you cannot wait to wake up in the middle of the night, or even not go to bed at all and go out shopping. I too have done it a few times in the past.

One year I stood outside for hours in line to be able to get my husband a widescreen, flatscreen computer moniter for Christmas. The price was awesome, then since the box was open when I went to pay(after being in line again for an hour or so) they took another $50 off the purchase price since there weren't any more left. It was totally worth it for that one thing. Yes, he loved it of course. But it made for a very long day, and since I went by myself, not nearly as fun as if I had gone with friends.

This year however, my husband works, so unless I want to either go out and try to be home by 7:30 when he has to leave, or take all 4 kids with me to try and snag some deals, I will be staying home. Yes, I take my 4 kids with me all the time. To the grocery store, Target, Sams Club, the zoo, etc. However, taking them to the store to stand in line for hours, with the chaos and keep an eye on them and keep them safe and right next to me, um, no thankyou.

We will be spending Black Friday sleeping in.  Sleeping in for me is sleeping from anywhere between 5-7:00 a.m., or until my 8 month old decides it is time to get up and feed him! Depends on the day, he isn't sleeping that well lately, working on getting some teeth! So far he only has one.

Then as the other three slowly trickle out of bed, I will ward off the inevitable question while I drink a cup of tea. You all know the question . . . "mom, when are we going to put up the Christmas tree?" And why is it that you have so many helpers putting up the Christmas tree, but they all seem to scatter when you have to take it all down?

I do love putting up holiday decorations, I love listening to music, drinking hot chocolate, still wearing my pj's. It just makes the house so warm and cozy.

However this year we have a new little helper, he is an 8 month old destroyer. He loves getting into anything that he isn't supposed to. He goes right for the plugs, wires, dvd shelf, tissues, cats and dogs.  So you all know that a 7 foot tree that has lights and shiny decorations on it are going to be his favorite thing!

I am hoping that it atleast stays verticle. It might not have any lights or ornaments on the bottom half of the tree but hey, that's okay. We are used to it mainly because we have cats that like to climb the tree, a great dane/lab mix, who's tail can be quite destrucive. Not to mention the German Shephard mix that loves to chase the cats, you guessed it, under the tree.

I will post photos of my tree tomorrow after we are finished and you will notice a design flaw that I failed to notice when I purchased the new tree a few years ago. I didn't notice it at all, but my husband did and loves to point it out every year! Gotta love it.

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