Friday, November 20, 2009

Can I Get A Shout Out for Leftovers?

Does anyone else love leftovers? I love them! The possiblities are endless.

It wasn't always this way. When we had food leftover, they would get thrown out if they weren't eaten as is as a leftover meal.  Usually those would be eaten my myself on the days I am home, or packed for my lunch on a day I worked.

But in my quest not to waste things and be more frugal with our money, I have changed the way I look at leftovers. Now I rethink everything. Dinner is a poop shoot, we either have no leftovers at all or lots, depending on how many helpings my oldest child eats. Sometimes it is one helping, other times it is 3-4, depending on how much the dinner is liked and how hungry she is!

We have some form of veggies every night with our meal, sometimes even two. I grew up with a complete meal consisting of a meat, vegetable and a starch. So that is what we have most nights, it is  rare that we do not. But I never thought of keeping them and reusing them as a completely different meal.

Now when we have veggies and there are some left, they go in a freezer bag that is labeled. Corn in the corn bag, grean beans in the bean bag, you get the picture. Left over mashed potatoes go in a bag labeled as such. Leftover blueberries get frozen, so do strawberries, bananas, I freeze almost anything. Even left over spaghettis sauce and rice!

What do I make with them you ask? Well I'll tell you, all different kinds of yummy things.  With the veggies I will make homemade soup, shephards pie or a pot of hash.  The mashed potatoes are also used for shephards pie. The leftover rice I will keep for chicken stir fry. The spaghetti sauce gets kept to make homemade pizza with.

As for the fruit, the strawberries will get made into a slushy. Blueberries into muffins, bananas turn into chocolate banana muffins.

Not only that but I plan on a night where we will eat leftovers for dinner, add a salad or some applesauce and dinner is complete.

This is a great way to save money and reduce the amount of food that is thrown away. I just hate being so wasteful when there are many people that do not eat as well as we do. So what do you use leftovers for?

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  1. Leftovers are the best! As my family grows, I find we have less of them... I miss leftovers! :)

  2. I love leftovers. To me leftover are the best. The next day something just taste better.

  3. Yes, I love leftovers too! I've done a couple of leftover makeovers on my blog. My husband doesn't like to eat the same thing over and over so sometimes I have to make them into a whole new meal!