Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest post from my oldest daughter!

This is a guest post from my oldest daughter, who is 9. She felt the need to talk about how she feels  about my "frugal" ways and my new blog. I thought it was really cute.

I think all this frugalnis, coupons,and making a website is starting to hurt her mind!Now everytime she makes dinner,lunch,or well really whatever she makes she takes a picture of it.Just the other day I had to get on her for taking a picture  of somthing she made for dinner!

Saturday night we went to Arby's,on the way home from my indoor soccer game,and on the way there she got out the entertainment book she ordered from our school to look for a coupon for Arby's!She just got a new laptop that she can use from home,and she tries to work on it  every minute of the day.

A few weekends ago she was working on her laptop while we were waiting  for her to play with us.I said I don't think you can stay off the computer the rest of the day, she  said alright I won't work on it till tonight. And she didn't work on it till that night. And I was proud of her right up until she got on the computer that morning. So I just forgot about it. A few weeks ago she told  me to remind her to take a picture of something, and I forgot so I got just a little bit in trouble. But I didn't care because it was just a little bit of food she got from Aldi's. Now that's all I realy have to say about my frugaling mother. So yall have a good THANKSGING!!!!!!

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