Sunday, November 29, 2009

Easy Transformation

With the hubub of school, comes a mountain of papers. Papers to turn in, papers about future projects, homework papers, art projects, invitations, papers about other papers, the list goes on and on. And having two in the same school system, means any paper that pertains to school information, we get two of.

I try to stay on top of it. And yet, my shelf that contains all this paper looks like this more often than not. And yes, I do need to do something with those bananas. They will be turned into chocolate banana muffins, yummy!

I tried to get organized. Notice the three tubs on the bottom, they are all labeled with my oldest three names on them. Which is great, except that I have 4 kids and eventually I will need another tub for my youngest. And the light blue tub is mine, I put receipts, papers I want to keep, photos I haven't put away yet, basically anything that I don't know where else to put goes there.

I also keep a box of cards ready on hand. Birthday, get well, congratulations and sympathy cards are all stored in the pretty striped box. That way when I need to send out a card, I don't have to make a quick trip to the store, I already have it. That is pretty organized right?

I also have a tub for my tape and stapler, which is a great idea. Exept little ones find my tape and use it to tape things down. All kinds of things. So my tape/stapler tub is really just a stapler/empty tape dispenser tub.

I have a binder for my allergy recipes, nicely labeled. I keep my black coupon binder here, except it is sitting on top right now, not nicely in my bin. Pencil sharpener, check. Tissues, check. Random box of crayons on my fruit plates, check.

I would like to say that I spent a whole day organizing this. I said I would like to say it, not that I could. Placing my kids artwork in their labeled tubs under my bed(yes, I do that, keep a tub for each childs artwork under my bed). I would like to say that the dust bunnies are gone in this shelf, the empty notebooks and that my stapler/tape tub has reclaimed its original glory. But I can't say that. Because I didn't find the time to do that.

Instead I did this. This will have to do until I do find the time to go through this shelf. And yes, I did eventually turn the bananas into chocalate banana muffins. Maybe that is why I don't have time to tame the paper beast. I bake too much. Oh and notice how my lines don't match up? Well, no one's perfect.

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  1. That's awesome. I thought I had issues. I've banned my drama queens from my tape, rubber band and stapler box.