Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

(okay for the record, my hair did not look that bad that night, I am in a holding pattern of deciding if I should grow my bangs out, get it highlighted, get it cut, not sure but I don't like this look that is for sure)

This is me and my family at a wedding over the weeend. Yes, the photo turned out goofy, but I still love it, it is the only one that my baby was actually looking at the camera. And yes, we are a very tall family. My oldest daughter is only 10 and is 5 ' 2", they my other daughter is 7, the stinker is 5 and the boy who loves giving me morning gifts is 15 months old.

Okay back to the point, I posted this photo for you all to see, I have lost 25 pounds so far! I am super excited and have never felt better. I feel confident that I can lose the remaining 15 with ease considerable work. Considering I just started this the first week of May.

One thing I did notice is that I need to start upping my arm weights, and of course figure out what to do with my hair!


  1. Good Job Jenny! I wish I had your willpower! I think I rely on the first trimester to lose weight and pray I don't put anymore on the rest of the pregnancy!