Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!

It is officially garage sale season around here. My favorite time of year! I love garage sales. I love finding things that I can redo and reuse around my house, for for not a whole lot of money. Which my frugal side just loves.

I have decided to post my finds that I get. It might not be weekly, it all depends on the garage sales. But I promise to post what I do find.

This is what I found at the local huge garage sale. The whole local town does it. It is a frugal persons paradise. You go into one subdivision and there will literally be hundreds of them. Instead of driving from one to the next. You simply park your car in the middle of the neighborhood and then walk around.

I have to make frequent stops back to my car because I can't fit my finds in my stroller. So I have to go back and unload.

Here are some of the things I got at the big town garage sale.

This was an ugly mauve and green basket. I simply spray painted it and put in some silk flowers I had. Then I put it on our front door. I paid a quarter for the basket.

This was also an ugly basket, which I spray painted, added wave petunias and hung it on my ladder that leans agains the front of my house on the porch. I also paid a quarter for this basket.

See the milk tin on the step? This baby became mine for only $5, my heart started to flutter when I saw it. Then when I saw the price I tried to hide my excitement! I didn't paint it or anything, just put it on my front step.

See the green chair and table? I do plan on refinishing them, they are in great condition structurally. They just need some sanding and a coat of paint. I stole bought these lovelys for only $10 for the set. I put them on my back porch with my bench and I have an instant living room feel. I still need to refinish them but for now they look just fine.

This definately works for me. This post is linked to Works for Me Wednesday.

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  1. Wow, you scored some wonderful goodies--especially that milk can!
    I love garage sales. And I love spray paint, too. I love how you can take things that have nothing to do with each other and spray paint them the same color so they look like a set!