Saturday, June 26, 2010

Super Saver Saturday

I have discovered Costco! For years we had a Sam's card, but just let it run out last year and expire. I have been reading alot lately that Costco has been rated the number one discount store and alot of their store "Kirkland" brands are very competive with the store brands, if not rated better!

I found some very good deals but two that I had to jump on was this:

See those cans? The Tomato Puree is 5 lb 10 ounces for $2.79 and the Diced tomatoes was 6 lb 6 ounces for $2.85. I used half of each to make Vinnies spaghettis sauce and then I froze the other half of each. What an awesome price, you seriously cannot beat that!

What deals did you find this week?

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  1. We converted from Sam's to Costco about 6 years ago and have you checked out their meat? They have organic ground and hormone/antibiotic free chicken breast! I think their quality is better than Sam's but I'd rather have a good quality product that lasted/tasted better and pay a few pennies more for. We use the Kirkland toilet paper and paper towels and also Their frozen orange juice concentrate.