Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farm Fresh Delivery

One of my friends had a photo of her delivery from this place, Farm Fresh Delivery. I thought it looked awesome, however I was skeptical, as I had checked out the local CSA'a and for our family of six, it was very pricey.

So I went to the website and looked around. And what I found was a very nice surprise. Their prices are very reasonable for the delivery. We went with the "large fruit and vegetable bin." It will be delivered every other week and we can add to it and swap some items out if we want to.

I am looking forward to trying some new vegetables that I have never tried before. I love that it gets delivered to my door. In our part of town, delivery will happen on a Tuesday, which is one of my non-work days.

I try to go to the grocery store every two weeks, however I usually have to go back for milk and fresh produce on my off week. I am hoping this will fill the gap. Plus, if there is fresh veggies and fruit, I always ask that my kids eat those first so they don't go bad. Before they eat canned or non-healthy food. So I can get more healthy food into my kiddos!

This is just another step in eating more healthy. I will keep you posted and take photos of what I get in my bin.

Having fruit and veggies delivered to my door definitely works for me! This post is linked to Works for me Wednesday.


  1. That's fabulous! I looked into joining them when our local CSA filled up but I know the lady running our CSA and because I go there weekly for my meats and eggs she sells me what is left over from that week. We've had fresh (literally cut that day) lettuce, Kale, spinach and green onions so far. This week she has Radishes and several different types of lettuce and some other veggies. I spend between $20-$40 there every week including my meats. So reasonable I don't know why I didn't do it sooner!

  2. We joined a CSA this year too. They deliver to our town, not our door. Wouldn't that be nice? Ours works out to $25 a week.

  3. I just started using! It sounds very similar. I too am baby stepping to healthier eating and trying not to break the bank in the process! Thanks for sharing.