Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leaving Elementary School Behind

This is my oldest. Call me biased, but I think she is beautiful. She is smart, athletic, patient and kind.

Here she is with her best friend. They play soccer together, hang out together, you name it. Her family is very close with our family and we think she is a great friend to have. And yes, my daughter is that tall. She is just about the tallest kid in her grade. But she gets it honestly as I am 5 foot 11 and dad is 6 foot 4.

This was taken at the awards night. She not only recieved a Math award, but also received the prestigious Presidential award. This is the award given to those kids that have an "A" average. She is smart (which she does not get from me, they would never have given me a math award that is for sure!) and enjoys school.

Farewell my little elementary student. On to lockers, switching classrooms and lots more homework.

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  1. She is beautiful. Congrats on the all A's. She must be a very hard worker.