Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Boys

NOTICE: Those of you with sensitive stomachs may not want to read further.

You have to understand that my first three children are girls. And yes, even though I have been raising this little stinker. I still feel ill equipped to deal with this.

Look closely at the photo. No I didn't give him a cupcake with chocolate icing to eat in his crib. That my friends is POOP!

For the last three days he has decided to do unmentionable things in his crib in the morning.

First, on Tuesday, I went in tho him giggling thinking "how cute, he is playing by himself" only to find he had pulled down his diaper so that he could pee on everything and was laughing as it was squirting down his legs and spraying the blankets, pillow, railings and wall.

They yesterday I woke up to him holding his diaper out for me to see. To see the poop that was stuck to it and almost falling out.

This morning's gift got even more creative. Yes, he decided that poop indeed is good for the complexion as he smeared it on his face. It was under his fingernails, all over his hands, the railings, the linens. Every where except amazingly his two stuffed bears that he sleeps with.

So while I dreamed of leisurely waking up to some hot tea and my blog. Instead I had to bath him and remove the poo (of course he started peeing in the water the second his feet hit the bath). Then I had to drain the water, since it was full of, well you know. Then I had to refill it and bath him to make him actually clean. Once that was done, I took him to his port-a-crib that we keep up in the main room, put him in there with his sippy cup while I tackled his bed!

So I am finally drinking my tea and eating breakfast. Who knew that the girl who once almost vomited becuase her nephew sneezed birthday cake out his nose could not be knee deep in poop one minute and eating breakfast the next.

So, moms out there with boys, thanks for the warning! Boys in fact are different than raising girls. I wonder what gifts he has in store for me tomorrow.

And yes, I will be looking for some iron clad pajamas today! And sorry about the graphic detail, but I did indeed give you a warning.

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  1. I love it! i seriously laughed out loud at this post. While I have my own yucky 2 year old boy this takes the cake!
    love,. tasha

  2. I have 3 boys, but none of them made that kind of mess. They preferred the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator! Fun stuff to wake up to!

    I know it's not totally funny, but think of the story you can tell his future wife! I hope he decides to play with something else tomorrow!

  3. Neither Hen nor Brandon have tried this although I have caught Hen try to put a hand down his diaper a few times! With Brandon I think kept him in a onesie and PJ bottoms which i think might be a good idea until he figures out how to unsnap!

    Good Luck Jen, boys are definitely more mischievous than girls at especially if they are 'boy' boys like hen is and obviously Drew too!

  4. Tasha, thanks! It is funny now but wow, I was not laughing at the time!

    Amy Lynne, you are right, I have a great story to tell when he gets older.

    Po, yes, I am going to put onesies on him from now on, luckily I woke up this morning to no gifts from him!