Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Used to be Cool

Back in the day, I actually dressed cool. I would combine articles of clothes that were hip/artsy and cool. I went to an art college and have a fine art degree for crying out loud.

Then somewhere between college and having 4 babies I have found myself in the mom rut. My coolness cup is empty. I am trying to find that again and working on my weight loss goal (I have lost 22 pounds so far) has inspired me.

This lady at The Pleated Poppy dresses so cool! Her coolness cup runneth over! She does this post where she takes photos of her outfits every week and it is called What I Wore Wednesday. I want to dress like her when I grow up.

However I pose a question. Am I too old to be wearing funky clothes? Or are you ever too old for that? I am 37, so you tell me.

So, in honor of Works for Me Wednesday, stepping out of my comfort zone, literally, definately works for me.


  1. You are absolutely NOT too old! Come join the funky crowd!!

  2. You are NOT too old! I'm 47 and I'm not too old! I wanna be a cool funky grandma! lol...

  3. Po, thanks! I am trying to add more funk to my wardrobe!

    Anonymous, thanks! and you are right, I want to be cool and funky when I am a grandma also!