Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farm Fresh Delivery

Okay, so I said that I would provide feedback on the Farm Fresh Delivery. I will be truly honest and tell you that I have already cancelled it.

Here is the photo of what we got.

That is two heads of lettuce, two heads of broccoli, 1 pound of sucanat, 6 oranges, 6 peaches, 1 apple, 1 cantoloupe, 1 pound of red potatoes, 1 onion, a container of blueberries and a container of strawberries. All of it was organic and some of it was locally grown.

Yes, I did like the idea of buying organic and loved the idea of buying local grown food. However, it has been two days and all that remains are 3 peaches, 1 head of lettuce, the onion, the sucanat and the oranges.

We ate the potatoes, broccoli and a head of lettuce at one meal. So for me spending $51 on that little amount of food just isn't going to work for us. Not when I already have to spend extra on specialty food. There are three of us that require special diets in this house.

Add to that the fact that my oldest eats like there is a hole in her belly. And she is skinny because she is so active. My almost 15 month old eats more than my 5 year old. So I cannot justify spending that much money on so little food.

I do  however think it is a good thing. Buying organic, local food. And having it delivered to the house every other week. But it will not work for us, in this season of our life.


  1. WOW I can't believe how little you got :( $51 is a lot to spend!! I will have to share with you what I get from Schaefer's, She is so reasonable and we get a LOT for what we pay. Tomorrow I am picking up Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sugar Snap peas and Romaine lettuce. No meats this week and no eggs. Morning Sickness and nausea prohibits me from cooking those :(

  2. I wanted to add to be fair the Schaefer's CSA was only $15 a week. Which is cheap compared to FFD but it was pick up only. I don't mind picking up because it literally is up the road from me.

  3. Wow, that is not a lot of food for $51. Our CSA gives us more than that each week for only $25 a week. Keep looking and I bet you will find a CSA that will work for you.