Monday, June 21, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Since I cleaned out my van last night, I decided to post a Tackle it Tuesday.

Am I the only one who, after soccer season is over, has a car full of empty water bottles, empty snack bags and crumbs, grass and dried dirt on the floor?

I couldn't take it anymore and it had rained this afternoon and the humidity had dropped some. So I went out and started to clean. Then I had a brilliant idea, I made my older two (who were the only ones awake at the time) help me clean.

I have put a ban on food in the van. Does anyone else do this? Part of me thinks, get over it, this is a family car, it is going to get dirty. But the other part is, the kids should not be this messy and absentminded with my van.

So I am interested if anyone has banned food and drinks in their car. Just curious.

Here are the after photos, honestly I was too embarrassed about the before photos. I think I had half a box of Fruit Loops on the floor of my van.

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  1. That would be a resounding yes after Brandon emptied a packet of Skittles into the car and then let it roll into whatever crevice instead of picking them up! Toby and I both give the cars a good detailing once a year in the spring where we get the carpet cleaner out and do a deep clean. You know after the Winter's nasty salt and mud.

  2. Great Job, our 2nd row looks identical to yours... same car seats and everything. I just tackled my car last week... it was driving me crazy... I'll wash the outside once it stops raining!

  3. I think my 3 year olds shoes make more of a mess than any food I let her eat! Her feet hang down from her car seat and the rain water and dirt on her feet stain up the part where her feet hit. I just bought a plastic back seat protector to keep at least the back part of the seat clean. I just don't feel like taking the car seat out to put a seat protector under it, so sometimes I put a towel down. But we don't let her eat chips and things like that in the car, maybe a sucker and if I hand her something from a bag...but I would never let her have the entire bag.
    I interviewed Peter Walsh on my blog and asked him about ca organization... he gave some good tips. You can find the link at the top of my blog.

    Car looks good!
    Mom All Day