Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saving Money by Avoiding the Stores

So, I know all the rules, shop with a list, don't shop hungry, take cash, by the cheapest one, use coupons, you all know the list. I know the list, however, I don't always follow it.

You see, I have a problem, I blame my mother. When I was growing up, our pantrys and freezer were always so stocked full we could have gone months without going to the store, and still had food to eat. My mother is the one that even though we had a family of 6, she would cook enough that when unexpected guests stopped by, we always had enough to go around for dinner. Yes, I totally blame my mom.

I also blame my "be prepared" mentallity on being a Girl Scout. That's right, I am blaming an innocent girls group on my hangups. I have a big problem with "just in case". I have to buy this 48 roll of toilet paper that costs $12, because what if our other 48 roll at home runs out and we have no toilet paper. So I buy the toilet paper. Or I can't remember if I need sugar, it isn't on the list. But what if I go to make muffins this week and have no sugar? So I buy the sugar.

And before you know it, my trip to buy diapers, sandwich bags and AA batteries has turned into another $100 shopping trip.

And here's the thing. I don't live in a remote town, where I only get to the store once a month because it is so far away. I live 1-2 miles from WalMart, Target, Kroger, Biggs and Walgreens. So if Heaven for bid, I actually run out of toilet paper, I can easily run to the store.

So the solution I have come to is this, just don't go to the store. We are very well stocked on everything right now. Except we are down to only 2 oranges and 1 gallon of milk. But for fruit, I am going to move on to what we have canned in the pantry and for milk, I am going to stop at the local gas station to pick up 2 gallons of milk.

On Tuesday it will have been 2 weeks since I went to the grocery store and I am going to try and make it last longer. I am going to try a new concept. I think I am going to try an go to the store and do the bulk of my shopping only every 3-4 weeks. If I can get down to a month, that would be awesome.

Yes, I might miss out on some great deals, but when those deals cost me an extra $70 on stuff I think I need, are they really deals? Then I actually spent $70 to save $5. If I stayed home, I could have saved the $70. I'm no math wiz, but I would rather save $70. Plus this way, I don't have to blame my mother, or the Girl Scouts.

So that is my game plan right now. Stay out of the stores. This fits perfectly with my "Eat from the Pantry Challenge".

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  1. Lol, I blame the Girl Scouts for various things. Ha,ha...

  2. Yeah! Leave the Girl Scouts alone! That is absolutely funny.

  3. Haha, I'm like this too, and I blame my mother and the Girl Scouts and my own slight OCD of "can't run out". I buy toilet paper at Costco and one package fills the large drawer at the bottom of our vanity with 6 rolls to spare. Lots of people would think, I have 6 rolls, I don't need more toilet paper! But I get a leetle panicky and must buy more. I'm trying to curb it, while not getting dangerously low. It's a delicate balance. :)