Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Kitchen Cabinet

Some of you may remember my post here, where I talk about my disastrous shelves in the kitchen.

Well, I could take it no longer. The collection of papers, holiday papers, holiday pencils, stray artwork, thankyou cards and anything else the kids didn't know where to stash finally became too much.

I took a few hours and went through the stuff. Trashed alot of it and organized the rest.

Here is what my shelf looks like now. I can actually see my cookbooks. I don't have to dig to the back of my cupboard for my mixing bowls. And my new flameless candles and crockpot I got for Christmas have a place also. Here is what my shelf looks like now.

The striped fabric on the top is actually an extra curtain that matches my kitchen curtains. I am using it like a table runner.

I also organized a little white cabinet I have. This cabinet used to house snacks on the top shelf, school supplies on two other shelves and my cookbooks on the bottom shelf.

I very recently used some gift cards I had to purchase a label maker. So I have been labeling everything under the sun! I am in heaven.

Here is what my white cabinet looks like now!

Everything is labeled properly, so there is no question as to where the card games, crayons or extra paper go. You may notice on the top are two of my canning jars. One for pencils and one for pens, both properly labeled.

This time of year I go through the house and tackle all kinds of organizing projects. I move things around, so on any given day, my family cannot find the kitchen towels, bandaids or baby bibs! For the most part, my organization skills work out. But sometimes, I end up putting them back where they were in the first place.

Now on to the next project to organize and label! I will make sure I post those photos also!

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