Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grocery Trips, Deals and Being Held Accountable

In the spirit of true disclosure, I am going to start posting what I get at the grocery store and how much I spend. I am always being asked what I buy, how I get my deals and what I make for my meals. Plus, I love seeing what people buy at the grocery store and the deals they have scored.

So I thought I would start posting this. I had a good system when I was still pregnant with my fourth baby. I would go to the store every other week and then when I came home I would create a 2 week menu plan.

Well, with the baby and well, life, I got out of that routine. It seems I was always needing something and was making multiple weekly trips to the store.

Since one of my goals for this year is to cut back on my spending, I am going to start keeping track of what I buy. I am hoping that by posting it on my blog, it will help to hold me accountable.

I have started a few things differently. You see I have found that one of my weaknesses is the Dollar Spot at Target and anything clearance there as well. So I have decided to start ordering my diapers on-line. I love the Target brand diapers and they are much cheaper than any deal I can find with my coupons. The best part is the diapers have free shipping, so it is no different than going to the store. Except they get delivered to my home and I save money by not buying things I don't need!

So look for my posts on what I bought this week. I know that I will also have to order some formula tomorrow as I am down to only 5 bottles. We only have about 1.5 months left hopefully of the hypoallergenic formula. Or as we like to call it "liquid gold" because of how expensive it is.

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