Friday, January 15, 2010

A quick cover for a drafty fireplace

Okay, this photo does not do it justice but this actually looks pretty nice.

You see we cannot have a fire in our fireplace, because most of our family is allergic to trees, grass, mold, pollen, anything that is in the outdoors, we are allergic. And when we use out fireplace, it makes us feel horrible. We all  end up with stuffy noses, coughs, you name it.

So we don't use it at all, even though it has a pretty nice insert in it.

But we noticed the other day that is was rather drafty, even though we had it closed. So my husband said to me "I am surprised with all your frugal blogs you go to that you haven't tried to make something for this". So that is exactly what I did!

I took a sheet that I had bought for $4 for another project that I never got to. I took t he sheet and put pleats in it and then I hot glued it to the brick of the fireplace. You read that right, I hot glued it! It comes right off the brick when I am done, I just peel it right off!

That room is half underground and we cover the windows and now the fireplace cover with winterizer plastic every winter (new windows are on our list for this year hopefully). The windows are also covered with a double layer of curtains over top the plastic.

And my $4 fix is working very nicely, it feels so much better down there and doesn't look too bad.

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  1. Very clever! Our fireplace has a crack, so we don't use it, but I haven't done anything to try to insulate it. I'll suggest something like this to my husband to add to our insulation.

  2. Ours is drafty too. I currently have a blue and yellow blanket covering it. LOL I can yank it off quick if someone comes over. Your cover looks better than mine, way to go.