Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Goals

Since it is a new year, a new beginning, I thought I would take a few minutes to post my New Year's resolutions. Better late than never right?
  1. Find a solution that works for my back. I have had on and off back pain since highschool. Lately it has been more on than off. I am hoping to find something that works.
  2. Of course, like ,most people, I would like to lose weight. I still have about 20 pounds that I gained with my pregnancies that I have yet to lose, I would love to lose those. But I am trying to lose them by eating smarter and exercising, not necessarily by dieting. These are changes that I want to do to be healthy and I am hoping that a side effect will be weight loss, which in turn might help my back to feel better.
  3. Spend more quality time with my family. I would love to spend time playing and not just running from one activity to the next.
  4. Enjoy the moment. Learn to enjoy what I am doing at the time, instead of thinking of the 10 other things that I need to be doing.
  5. Finish paying down debt. We are working really hard to pay off all our debt. I loath debt.
  6. Purchase new windows for the house. This is a major expense, but one that is very much needed. Hopefully it will help with our electric bill also in the winter.
  7. Spend less and track my spending. I have a problem with Target. I go in to buy diapers and come out with $100 worth of stuff that was a good deal and I had to have. But I didn't need it.
  8. Buy only what we need. This goes with the one above. Reduce spending by buying what is a great deal to stock up or what we need.
  9. Work on my friendships. I have made a couple of new friendships this year. I am hoping to work on those, I find it hard to find people that I have something in common with. But I have found some new friends this year and I am super excited about it.
  10. Be supportive of my husband. He works hard and I am lucky to be able to be part time. There are many that would love to be in my shoes. I need to be thankful for that.
So, that is it. I think that is alot. These are really just improvements I want to tackle. To make me a better person.

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