Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Bread--Stress Reliever

I LOVE to bake. I have always loved to bake. And I especially love to bake for my family. And I especially love to bake for my family when they LOVE the recipe.

Well, I have found it with this Honey Wheat Bread. I got the recipe at Tammys Recipes. I make it exactly like this except for I omit the tablespoon of milk. You all know of my daughters food allergies of course!

I have found that I really like kneeding the dough. It is a huge stress reliever. And for those 10 minutes, it is just me and the dough. I can think of whatever I want, even if it is nothing. There is something so peaceful about this mindless task. And boy, is it good for the arm muscles. This is me kneeding a triple batch of the bread. The triple batch was a request from my oldest daughter. We go through atleast a loaf and a half at a meal. Everyone loves this bread, from the 10 month old to the 37 year old daddy!

This is the giant ball of my triple batch. Just waiting to get put in a bowl so that it can rise to double it's size.

Aren't they beautiful? This bread is so delicious. And it is fool proof, I have yet to make a bad loaf with this recipe. And for me who doesn't even like bread, there is nothing better than eating a piece still warm from the oven.

Do any of you have an tasty bread recipes to try?

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