Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Plan, Week of January 17

I cannot believe January is half over already. Where does the time go?

I am hoping this week will be a slow week for us and that I will have time to work around the house. I have a ton of cleaning to do, not to mention some weeding out of old toys, organizing, etc.

Sunday was spent with the girls playing with friends. Breakfast was cinnamon rolls, lunch was leftovers and dinner was bbq and mac-n-cheese.

Here are our breakfasts for the week: cold cereal, turkey bacon, toast and cantaloupe, pumpkin bread

Lunches for the week: leftovers, soup, sandwiches

Dinners: spaghetti and salad, turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, leftovers, saurkraut and polish sausage with mashed potatoes, turkey pot pie.

My back is back to normal and I am hoping to go back to working out and back to my diet. I mean lifestyle change. Not only am I trying to eat healthier, but smaller portions. I really want to lose this extra weight.

Maybe if I post about it, I will be more accountable and will do better? Who knows.

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  1. spaghetti salad sounds great I have not had this for quite a whie I will have to look for a great recipe for it