Friday, January 22, 2010

Home Decorations that have been Repurposed or Redone

I talked about here how I love to find things at garage sales, thrift stores, etc. and repurpose them, repaint them, redo them for our home. I love this look, it is very homey and inviting to me, not to mention frugal. I feel like my guests can feel comfortable here.

So here is another view into our home and some of the things that I repurposed or unconventional solutions to problems and all done for next to nothing but the cost of some paint.

This is a photo of a bench that I got the first year we were married. From the looks of it I also have not dusted it in that time also. I guess I need to dust this and deslobber it huh? This bench used to be stained brown and had birdhouses on it. Very cool at the time but not anymore. This little bench has been inside, outside, you name it. So this summer I decided to paint it black and use it for a few of my collectible bears.

This shot is of a table that I painted about 10 years ago, I crackle painted it a dark hunter green. I was going to repaint it black, but my girls liked itlike this, so for the time being it is still green. This shelf was garbage picked by my mother years before I was even married. She used it in her garage, but it is still in great shape, they just don't make furniture like that anymore. The red shelf that has the bear lamp on it was given to me 14 years ago by my mother-in-law. It started out cream and sat next to our bed before we had bed side tables. Then it sat on our porce as a planter, then came back in to keep the lamp out of reach of our little guy.

This is one of my favorite things I have redone. It was to our kitchen table that we bought 10 years ago. Which we ended up outgrowing, as the table portion was not that large. It sat downstairs and was used as our craft table after we bought a new bigger table. When we finished out basement, we really didn't have the room for it anymore, so I painted the bottom black and used the stuffing that I saved from a couch that our great dane had destroyed. The fabric I got for $4 a yard from WalMart. Usually I will use sheets or tableclothes as my fabric but this was much cheaper to buy the fabric this time. This now sits in front of our big bay window in the front room.

This isn't really a redo, you see, we have no coat closet by our front door. So years ago for my birthday my husband bought me this hall tree. I has a storage bench at the bottom. But I have pretty baskets up top for our hats and gloves that we use during the winter season. The extra get stored in the bench. Notice we are one hook short now that we had our 4th child! Oh well, we had only one when we bought this!

This crate/chest I got from my mom when I was still in college. I might of even been in highschool, I honestly don't remember. When we were married it never made it out of a storage space in the basement. But again, when we refinished our basement, well, decided to bring it into our front room and use it as a table. Notice the ugly carpet? It was almost brand new when we moved into this house. With the kids and the animals, it has never seemed the right time to replace the flooring. Plus, this is a bit of a debate as I want hard wood that continues into the kitchen my husband wants carpet. So we still have our ugly carpet.

This little chair was an ugly blue with stains all over it. I got it for $3 at a garage sale this summer. I repainted it and used some of the fabric that I used on the bench above to make a little pillow. Again I put one of my collectible bears on it.

I did all of these items before I had a blog, so I don't have any before photos. From here on out I will take before and after photos of the pieces that I redo.

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