Friday, January 29, 2010

My Grocery Deals for January 26

Here is what I got at Kroger. I spent $21.93 and saved $27.16, so that is a savings of over 50%. Not too shabby.

I did buy two things that I had no coupon for but coffee creamer and International Coffee Swiss Mocha are necesseties.

3 Quaker Quakes--99 cents, minus 75 cent coupon that doubled to 99, all FREE
7th Generation Dish Soap--FREE with coupon
Finish gel packs--$2.99, munus $2.25 coupn so 74 cents
General Foods International Coffee--$3.61
2 packs Lays chips--$1.68 each
2 Kellogs fruit snacks--$1.49 each (had no coupon but not bad price, for kids snacks, I only buy these when they are on sale)
2 Zesta crackers $1.69--these are our favorite and is a great price
Coffeemate creamer--$3.29
2 hotpockets--$1.78 each (hubby loves these for lunch)
Crest Pro-health toothpaste (hubby is very picky about toothpaste)--$2.50, minus $1 coupon, so $1.50

Not my best, but not horrible either. I wish that I could figure out a way to not buy chips. But my family loves these in their lunches. I will admit that I eat the occasional chip as well, but never pack them in my lunches.

Most of these items (except the coffee stuff) are things that I am trying to get rid of. I would love to make my own fruit snacks, since the store bought kind are loaded with sugar, but they take too long. For me anyway, who works part of the time.

Now for my Aldi trip.

2-Cinnamon rolls--$1.49 (for the rushed mornings I don't have time to make them from scratch)
3 cans manderin oranges--49 cents each
2 cans green beans--49 cents each
2 cans chili beans--59 cents each
1 bag navel oranges (there were 10 in bag) --$1.29 (these are delicious!)
3 cans tomato paste--39 cents
2 2 lb. boxes thin spaghetti--$1.59
2 honey--$3.79 each
3 chees blocks--$1.79 (these were cheaper at Kroger but forgot to get them there)
scoopable cat litter--$3.69 (new for me, anxious to see if it works well)
4 frozen orange juice--$1.19 each
1 can baby peas--49 cents
2 pack green peppers--$1.49 (not in season but it was what my 4 year old asked for, better than asking for cookies!)
Celery $1.49
Whole Grain bread--$1.29
3 lb. bag Gala apples--99 cents
cinnamon raisin bagels--$1.39
head lettuce--79 cents
bananas--88 cents
2 bags pretzels--$1.29 each
cookie dough icecream--$2.69 (this is so good)
2 boxes lasagna noodles--$1.29 each
corn chips--89 cents
mocha cappuchino mix--$1.99 (new to me, anxious to try)
2 salad bags--99 cents each(girls love to eat as snack)
tissues--99 cents
jar spaghetti sauce--99 cents (for my work days)
cake mix--89 cents (to mix with can of pop for quick, low fat cupcakes)
fig bars--$1.15 (I buy one every two weeks for kids)
shortbread cookies--$1.19 (I buy one every two weeks for kids)
onions--99 cents

For a total of $69.47.

Not bad, I bought no meat this week, we are still pretty stocked and I didn't see any amazing deals.

I also bought diapers from Target online.

2 boxes of 82 count diapers for $13.69 a piece, so $37.38 total. I am trying to get down to buying diapers once a month. Have no clue now long this will last me. But buying once a month will give me an idea of what I spend on them. I also buy nighttime diapers but currently didn't need any.

This was my OfficeMax purchase on-line.

3 pack of pens, printer ink cartridges and a large file folder. All FREE with a $51 gift card that I had earned from another deal.

That takes my total so far to $128.78. Not bad for this month. I am counting this toward my February total, because I bought most of this stuff for that month. Not to mention I didn't keep track in January, this is something new I am trying.

I am anxious to see how much I spend. I am hoping I really cut my spending so that we can continue to pay down our little bit of debt. We need new windows this year and want to pay cash for them. We will see how well we do! Wish us luck!

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