Monday, February 1, 2010

Tubes for the Little Man

Well, we went to the E-N-T doctor and have decided to go ahead with tubes. He is miserable most of the time. And is either on an antibiotic or ibuprofen most of the time as well. His surgery is in 2 weeks and this mama is nervous. He is the first one of my kids to ever need surgery. Hopefully this will give him some relief.

Please keep him in your prayers! I'll give an update on it after his surgery.


  1. Well, unfortunately I have BTDT. My oldest has had 4 surgeries - 1 set of tubes. My other son has had 5 surgeries - 3 sets of tubes. Your little boy will be fine and he will be back to normal the very next day. It is hard not to worry, but it is a very quick procedure. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Jennifer--Thanks so much, I am very nervous, it is nice to hear from someone that has been through it. I will definately keep you posted.