Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Man's Food Allergies

This is him the other day at the beginning of our week of the stomach bug, we were playing with the hats and gloves. He is chewing on a pretent play food steak.

My little man had blood drawn last week for food allergies. You see one of his big sisters has food allergies to eggs, dairy, peanuts and treenuts. His other bigger sister outgrew a peanut allergy. So we just figured he too would have food allergies.

I have been very diligent about not giving him anything that his sister cannot eat, just in case. Not to mention, twice now he has had soy and started to projectile vomit soon after. So I really thought he would have a soy allergy.

Well, the results are in and he is allergice to . . . one thing: egg whites. We will avoid all eggs of course.

I am leary though to start introducing him to the foods they say he isn't allergic to, specically dairy and soy. He has had products that contained soy, but the icecream and the soy formula he couldn't take.

And this is my daughter playing with the gloves and hats. About 2 hours before she started to throw up!

My youngest daughter goes in April for a six month visit for her food allergies. We are hoping that she has outgrown her dairy allergy enough that she can do a food challenge. We are also hoping that her egg allergy has gone down, not up.

She is will have a life long food allergy to peanuts, her results are way too high.

I am so thankful for the many people that have helped pave the way and made huge improvements to how those with food allergies are treated.

It is so nice to have supportive friends and family. That definately works for me.

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  1. Wow, eggs are in everything, and peanuts are hard to avoid, too. Have you gotten good at reading food labels and cooking from scratch to avoid questionable foods?

  2. Wow, egg whites would be a hard one to avoid. BUt isn't it a relief to know what it is. We felt that way after we had my daughter tested. She has more environmental allergies, than food, but it helped us have more peace and less stress

  3. thesavedquarter--yes, I have been deeling with various food allergies for over 7 years, so I have gotten very good at reading labels and cooking from scratch.

    Teaching Money to Kids--Yes, it is a relieve to know what he is allergic to so that we can avoid it.