Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pushing for Spring

Do you think I am rushing Spring?

Yes, that is a Vera Bradley purse being used to hold flowers on my front door. I received that one a few years ago for my 10 year anniversary. It was the wrapping and inside was a gift from Tiffanys! But I used it so much, it was starting to get really worn on the edges. So rather that just store it away, I decided to use it! I think it looks cute, my husband thinks it is really strange. What do you think?

Oh and for the record, it is in the 30's right now. Not the coldest, but I am really hoping spring comes early this year!

This was supposed to be a  Wordless Wednesday post but I used a couple of words, I think it still counts!


  1. I think that's creative! And pretty on the door.

  2. That is really creative!! I'll be breaking out my spring candles soon - I need the reminder that spring will be here soon enough. Winter is killing

    Happy WW :)

  3. Beautiful and welcoming. According to groundhog Jimmy in Sun Prairie, spring is coming.

  4. I would love to celebrate spring today...but here in PA we got a fresh 3-4 inches overnight! Very creative idea though--today I'm just going to dream of spring :)