Sunday, February 14, 2010


So we had a very low-key Valentine's day.  In year's past we have bought them candy (that would eventually get thrown out) and other odds and ends. But by the time we were done it ended up costing around $100 for Valentine's day for the kids. That is a little ridiculous.

Since we are trying to instill a more greatful heart in our kids, we have really started to scale back. So this year this is what we did for Valentine's day.

First I made these backpack like bags that fit over the kids chairs in the kitchen. I plan on reusing these every year.

This is what I made for my son. He loves fleece blankets. This will give him a little "lovey" that he can keep forever hopefully!

This is what I made my youngest daughter. I made a little flower hair rubberband and a little purse for her. She loves it.

I made a crayon roll for my second oldest. She loves creating and coloring. So this was perfect for her. I thought it turned out really cute.

I made a little notebook/diary for my oldest daughter. She really liked it also.

In addition to this they also got some adorable Valentine suckers.

This is what we created for Daddy.

Isn't it adorable? I got the idea here.

Then when we had photos taken of our son, I had a special one printed for Daddy.

Sorry about the glare, I couldn't not get it after 10 shots! Here is what the photo looks like.

Finally we created a little photo album for Daddy for when he travels. This way he won't forget what we look like! It was the kids idea!

And then just a second ago, what was delivered but this. Daddy had this delivered for all of us to share, and bears for the girls.

It was a very great Valentine's day indeed! The fruit was a perfect idea for 2 little ones with food allergies.


  1. Cute, cute, cute!

    Love all the homemade gifts--I'm sure the kids are so impressed with their crafty mom.

    What are the bags that go over the kids' chairs? Are they for goodies?

  2. I love the homemade gifts idea. I've been too busy hemming curtains but I was a lot more frugal this year. Brandon got a rubber ducky and flannel pants and Henry got an Elmo book (He loves Elmo and books both) and a rubber ducky. I have definitely cut back on candy too. Usually I would buy 3-4 bags of candy (I make goodies for my friend's kids too) but this year we got one bag!!

    Oh and Toby's gift this year, heart shaped GF pancakes for breakfast.

  3. Karen--yes, those are bags I made to put the goodies in. I plan on using them every year.

    Po--Glad I am not the only one cutting back. And I bet Toby enjoyed the pancakes.