Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jungle Jims and Walmart

So this week was a little strange, the stomach bug that I was hoping would bypass me, did not. So I was sick on Sunday and Monday.  So that meant that from Wednesday through Tuesday morning, someone was sick in our house. So we ate a lot of soup and jello.

I have no photos as I completely forgot to take them! I could get everything out and retake the photos, but who wants to do that? Not me.

So here goes, Jungle Jims ( a local health food store, they have everything there) was a little pricey, considering I only bought 17 items. However I had to stock up on my daughters soy products, which is always expensive. A few of these items were even on sale!

Sunbutter $4.99
Wheat Flour $3.59
Wheat Berries $3.69 ( I have a salad recipe I have been wanting to try and couldn't find these at any other store)
Pearl Barley (for soup) $3.49
2 Valentine Frostings $1.98
bag of Navel oranges $1.88
8 pack of sparkle papertowels $3.99 (NOT my Bounty but I couldn't pass up this deal)
Tofutti Fudge pops $5.99
Tofutti Chocolate covered icecream pops $5.19
4 Tofutti soy cheese  $10.40
3 soy yogerts $3.57

Total $49.68

I went to Walmart on Thursday, before the big snow storm hit and got various items.
I needed some supplies to make a baby blanket for a friend, some milk and some convenience items.

I realized that why I love to cook from scratch, it isn't always feasible. For instance, when I was in the midst of the stomach bug, my husband was scrounging for something to feed the kids. I had no "heat and serve" food ready.

So, to remedy that, I am going to try and always have simple chicken nuggets and fries from the grocery in my freezer. That would have been a great help to my husband.

So my Walmart purchases went like this.

3 milks $6.54
2 bags of french fries $4.96
Lays chips $1.99
chicken tenders $3.99
3 items that cost $3 (for the life of me I cannot remember what that was! I think that means that I didn't need it huh?)
6 rick racks $6.84

For a total of $32.06

I am not doing that great in my quest to not spend so much money. But we will see! I am going to try and do better and stay out of the stores!

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