Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kroger Deals and Losing My Freezer Food

So Monday morning my husband and I go to leave for work. As we walk into the garage, my heart sank. Our freezer door on the top of our refrigerator was standing wide open!

Now sometimes it pops open if you slam the refrigerator door too hard. After much arguing discussion on who was out in the garage last, we decided it didn't really matter. All of the meat I had just bought at Kroger was soft and ruined. I didn't think it was safe to eat anything that had sat all night and allowed to thaw. Since we had no idea how long it had been thawed.

We lost a six pound roast, 5 lbs of hamburger, two of which was grain fed organic. Six porkchips, 2 pounds of frozen fish, 2 lbs of ground turkey. Yes, I know, it is hard to bear!

So we decided that I would only keep things in the garage that would be okay if they had thawed like frozen waffles, icecream, frozen vegies, beans and popsicles!

So my Kroger trip consisted of the following (no photo as I had to rush home and put it away before I had to do preschool pickup).

3 skim milks $2.28 each
cat food $10.49
gum $1.29 (29 cents after coupon)
Oxy steam cleaner for our carpet steamer $10.49
Simply Orange OJ $3.00
Chuck Roast $6.03
Chuck Roast $5.83
cube steak $5.08
ground chicken (grain fed and hormone free) $2.49
ground turkey $2.49
grain fed, hormone free organic ground beef $4.29
italian salad dressing $1.24(free with coupon)
2 soy milks $2.99 ($1.99 each with coupon)
ham lunch meat $6.71
orange big K cola 99 cents for a 12 pack!
Kashi cereal $2.99 (free with coupon)
lettuce 99 cents
navel oranges $1.99
poptarts $3.69 (request from husband!)

Total $81.33

Aldi (from last week since I forgot to post it):
cat litter $3.69
10 lb potatoes $1.99
4 cans corn 55 cents each
4 cans green beans 55 cents each
4 cans diced tomatoes 55 cents each
4 cans tomato sauce 25 cents each
2 Skim milk $1.88 each
2 bouillan cubes $1.29 each
2can kidney beans 59 cents each
soymilk $2.49
2 salad mix 99 cents each
navel oranges $1.29
2 cans diced tomatos with green chilis 55 cents each
napkins $1.49
2 boxes thin spaghetti $1.99
turkey bacon $1.99
sliced bacon $1.89
celery 99 cents
carrots $1.29
green peppers $1.29
bananas 72 cents
gallon storage bags $1.69
2 pack toothbrushes $1.69
2 bnches brocolli crowns $1.29 each
1 can tomato paste 39 cents
2 can chili beans 59 cents each
2 tubes cinnamon rolls $1.49 each
red grapes $1.98
2 cans baby peas 69 cents each
2 loaves italian bread $1.19 each
oyster crackers 99 cents
fig bars $1.15
hot dog buns 69 cents
shortbread cookies $1.19
jar spaghetti sauce $1.09
2 taco mix (incase I didn't have time to make mine from scratch) 33 cents each
2 box crispy oats cereal $1.59 each
corn chex cereal $1.99
tissues 99 cents
2 cans refried beans 69 cents each
box of raisins $1.49
box of prunes $1.99
2 bags pretzel sticks $1.29
Total $79.68

I had to buy no diapers this week and hopefully put in my last formula order to a tune of $95 dollars or so.

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  1. Sorry about your freezer :(

    They make something called a freezer alarm. You may want to look into that.

  2. this is my biggest fear. open freezer lid or power outage. You hate to lose the things you have on stock at a great price. Ugh.

    I had never heard of a freezer alarm. I will have to look into that.

  3. Ouch! I'm so sorry about the freezer.