Saturday, December 19, 2009

What you get when you let the 4 year old have the camera!

So, I let my 4 year old take photos the other day. This is what we got. Enjoy.

The pantry door, with our countdown to Christmas. And her paper bell she made in preschool, that has been torn in half, yet we cannot take it down.

My bear with our mini tree. And yes, my stairs do need a good vacuuming don't they.

Okay, she took photos of photos.

No idea what this is, but whatever it is needs to be washed, since it has dog hair all over it. I better go ask what it was!

A photo of her waterless snow globe she made.

A shot of our ceiling, wall and top of our tree.

The Grinch and Frosty, sitting on our couch.

Her brother eating.

This is a photo of the wall in her bedroom.

A crooked photo of her mirror in her room, also needing a good cleaning. I don't think I want to know what she has smeared on this.

And of course, she had to take a photo of herself.


  1. how cute is that? You have a photo journalist on your hands!

    I also think it's pretty cool to see what a four year old notices... this is like a glimpse into her 'world view' in the most precious way!

    Merry Christmas - and enjoy those beautiful kiddos this season!