Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Snack Tub

My youngest daugher is in preschool. I was very worried as they have a snack during their time there. This is the first time anyone but a grandma has watched her. I was a nervous wreck about what to do about the snack. Having allergies to eggs, dairy, treenuts and peanuts, there is very little that she can have that is store bought.

My best friend Cindy, who also has a food allergy daughter gave me this tip that she used for her while in school. She took in a tub of safe snacks. So that is what I have done along with a few other things to make sure my daughter is safe at preschool.

I took a tub and put safe snacks in it. Raisins, applesauce, Teddy Grahams, pretzels, Oreos, all of the store bought snacks that she can have. I also sent in individual packs of soy milk for the days the kids have milk to drink instead of juice with their snack. If the mom has already dropped off the snack (we have a rotating schedule) I will check it to see if it is safe or not. If it isn't, or it has not been dropped off, I tell the teacher that she must choose from her box that day.

In addition to that, for birthday parties, I make a cake that is safe for her and ice it. I cut it into serving sizes and wrapped with parchment paper. Then I put those in a container and they keep that in the freezer at school. When one of the kids has a birthday celebration, they simply pull the cake out at the beginning of class and it is ready to eat by snack time. I also keep a box of Tofutti Cuties in the freezer. These are soy icecream bars and they are delicious, for the days the other kids have icecream.

This helps me to know that she is safe and not to worry so much.

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