Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That Man of Mine

So, I am convinced that I have the most thoughtful husband anywhere.

To give you a bit of background on us, we dated in junior highschool. You know, back when dating meant that you talked on the phone, but go to a dance and you act like you don't even know each other. The girls hung with the girls and the guys hung with the guys. That was so long ago that I have no idea why we broke up, you know, young love.

So, fast forward a few years and we met again working at the local grocery store, when I was a sophomore in  highschool and he a junior. I was a cashier, he was a stock clerk, cart boy and bagger boy. He was so cute it was ridiculous. We dated through highschool and into college. Freshmen year was a bit bumpy, but I finally got my head on straight and we never looked back!

We were married in September of 1996 and had our first child in the year 2000. Since then we have had 3 more kids, for a total of 4.

So now you know the basics, let's get to why my man is a keeper.

My husband is a big, manly guy. He is smart, tough, funny, strong, very handsome; you know, a real guy-guy. The kind of guy who won't wear pink, but who isn't afraid of letting his daughters put barrets in his hair and a pink crown.

He is wonderful with the kids. He always knows the way to put things to them so that they understand. He is a great homework helper and good with project ideas. He loves to wrestle with the kids, they all pile on and act like daddy is getting them.

Here is is coaching (assistant) my youngest daughters soccer team.

He has a soft spot for animals. He cannot go to a rescue and not bring one home. Someone getting rid of a dog? We'll take it. He has a very big heart.

He is the guy who remembers everything. Birthdays, anniversaries, any important date, he knows it all.

He pays attention to details. One time I mentioned that I was having trouble finding my favorite face lotion at the store. So he took it upon himself  to find it online. And then he proceded to buy 5, so that I wouldn't run out any time soon. Isn't that sweet?

This is him and his mini me at the local air force base.

He opens all doors, let's me walk through first. On a sidewalk, he always walks on the side with the cars. He makes his plate last at dinner and always makes sure everyone else has had enough to eat before he goes for seconds.

He gives me the best pillow at night and makes sure I am comfortable, whether I am hot, cold, etc. He always adjusts around me.

He is an excellent gift giver. He pays attention. That perfume you mentioned you liked? or that book your friend mentioned that you thought sounded good? He stores it away and remembers that for birthdays and Christmas or just because.

I feel very safe when he is home. I sleep more soundly and have not a care in the world. Knowing he will double check all the door locks, etc.

And everytime I am at the kitchen sink washing bottles, dishes, etc. He comes up behind me, hugs me and kisses me on  the neck.

He hates getting his photo taken, can you tell?

Yes, sometimes he drives me crazy, just as I am sure that I drive him crazy at times as well. But I can over look the bread crumbs on the counter from his midnight snack. No ones perfect.

 And sometimes he does something super sweet. Like this past weekend when he surprised me Saturday after the soccer game and Sunday when he went to get the paper. He came home bearing my favorite Mint Mocha. So I spent the afternoon wrapping gifts and drinking my mocha while he took care of the kids. How sweet is that?

Yes, he is definately a keeper. And after 13 years of marriage, I am still so in love with him.

What about your man? What does he do that melts your heart?

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  1. This is why you guys are my favorite couple... after me and Joe, of course. :)

    Awesome for Gratituesday!

  2. You made me cry, what a doll!!!!
    Hope all is well with you guys, your Christmas card was adorable!