Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preschool Christmas Party

This was my youngest daughters first preschool Christmas party. They sang for us and had treats and even a book exchange. They had a ball, she was so proud.

Here she is entering the class room, she got to be the line leader.

She was very excited, for the first time, she got to eat what everyone else was eating. There is another little boy in class who is also allergic to eggs, dairy, peanuts and treenuts. His mom contacted me about my recipe that I have. So she made the recipe and used the safe icing for her son and my daughter as well.

She was very leary, and kept asking if I was sure she could have it. We have trained her well not to eat anything unless we make sure it is safe. And she is used to me bringing her cake to all functions. Once I convinced her that it was safe, she took a bite and realized it was our recipe! She was so excited!

Here she is getting into the circle to sing songs.

This is her singing a song about reindeer!

They had a book exchange and here she is showing me the book that she just opened!

Here she is receiving her official "Reindeer Flying License" that was mailed from Santa to her teachers. They practiced a couple of weeks ago and they all passed and received their license.

In the photo with her is Ms. Coleen and Ms. Jean, the best preschool teachers around. We love them.

And here we are, her brother is trying to make an escape!

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