Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oldest Daughters Christmas Choir Show

My oldest daughter is in choir. I don't post many photos of her for a reason, she doesn't really care to have her photo taken. Especially now that it might show up on my blog!

Well she had a Christmas Choir Show the other night and they all looked so mature, in their red shirts and black pants.

I am very proud of my oldest. She is gets A's in school, is good at sports and get multple awards at school for her character and being a good roll model. I am definately a proud momma.

Here is a photo of her group singing on the stage.

She is the second from the right on the top row. I know you can't see her, but she is there, I kid you not!

She even had a speaking part, ignore the scary eyes! Clearly I need photography help. Ironic since I went to an art college and even took photography. Alas, it is not my thing! I blame the camera.

Finally a good photo of her. Here she is holding her baby brother. Oh, how she spoils him! He does love his big sister.

And did I mention how wonderful they all sang? They sounded beautiful. I can't wait for the Spring Concert!

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