Saturday, December 12, 2009

Number 4 on My Thursday Thirteen Ways That I Save Money

Number 4 on my Thirteen Ways That I Save Money--Watching Sale Ads

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So, number 4--watching sale ads. As I stated in the Using Coupons post, I watch sale ads.

Around here, my grocery ads are delivered on Saturday. This works out well, as Meijer, Bigg's and Jungle Jim's (a local health food store and specialty store, they sell everything there) sale ads start on Sunday. Kroger ads start on Monday. The Sunday paper will have Target (but I don't get that until Wednesday's when I see my mom).

I spoke of this before, but I will go through the ads and circle anything I think might be a good price. Then I will go back through and see if I have a coupon match up for any of those items. If it is something I need, I get it without a coupon. If it isn't something I need, I will probably pass, unless it is a  super sale.

Some weeks I only shop Aldi and Walmart, some weeks I will hit 3 stores, it depends on the deals for that week. I usually will not drive to a store for just one deal, I will only go if there is a couple.

I will then make a list for each store. I will list what I want to buy, how much it costs and how much the coupon is for. Then I will paperclip the coupons to  that list. I also bring my coupon organizer with me, incase they have any unadvertised deals.

Not only does this allow me to save money by planning ahead, but I save time by not buying things at the last minute.

I will also watch sale ads for non food items that I have purchased and will go back and get a price adjustment.

I will be honest though and tell you that some weeks I don't look at the ads at all. If we don't need anything and it is a particular busy week for us, I might not even go to the store. Sometimes the best way to save money is by not going into the stores at all.

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