Monday, December 21, 2009

Menu Plan, Week of December 20

Well, it is almost here, I cannot believe that Christmas is this week! Boy how the time flies.

Anyhoo! We have some places to go for the holidays so dinners will be sporadic this week.

Sunday, December 20: cinnamon roles, leftover pizza and a pork shoulder

Breakfasts for the week: cold cereal, muffins, some days my older kids will wake up very late, so breakfast will probably be lunch!

Lunches: leftovers, homemade pizza, baked potatoes, buttered noodles, sandwiches

Dinners: leftover pork shoulder turned into bbq sandwiches, steak stir-fry(we didn't get to this last week), hamburgers, snacky type dinner at my moms on Christmas Eve, dinner at in-laws for Christmas, ham

Enjoy your week. I still have more baking to do! This week is slow after today, can't wait to listen to Christmas musice, enjoy my kids and finish my baking. We might through in a craft or two as well.

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