Monday, December 14, 2009

Menu Plan, Week of December 13

This is a very busy week for me during the day. I have all kinds of doctor visits this week. I have 4 chiropracter appointments, hoping it will help my back problems that I have been dealing with for almost 20 years! I have a dermatologist appointment, hoping that the spots I found turn out to be nothing. And I have a checkup with my general practioner to see if my bloodpressure is coming down, I have struggled with high bloodpressure since the birth of our fourth child.

I also have to bake something for the busdriver's gift, bake something for my 4th graders Christmas luncheon, get something together for my 2nd graders Christmas party. I have to wrap lots of presents still and find time to do some holiday baking.

We have Brownies, student council and basketball practice this week, but no choir practice as last week was the holiday show.

So what am I making for meals this week? Believe it or not, I will still make yummy homemade dinners. Here is  what I have planned:

Sunday: breakfast was a hodgepodge, my husband and I forgot to eat, the older two were at a sleepover and the younger two ate bananas and cold cereal. Lunch was a Baptism luncheon, dinner was sandwiches on fresh baked italian bread, that I didn't make.

Breakfasts this week: sausage, cold cereal, oatmeal, toast

Lunches this week: leftovers, buttered noodles, sandwiches

Dinners: chili, roast and mashed potatoes, steak stir-fry, taco soup with homemade rolls, leftovers and pizza

I made these homemade buns last week and they were a huge hit. But they thought they tasted more like rolls than anything else. I do not eat bread very often, I have said before, it is a texture thing. So between the 3 older kids and my husband, they ate 16 rolls. The batch made 20 and only 4 were left. My older two took them in their lunches the next day. They loved them. So I will be making them again.

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  1. Your whole week is filled with some of my favs. Like Chili and roast. Would you like to share your steak stir fry recipe? Happy Holidays!