Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What works for me!

Little known fact, I have horribly sensitive skin. Can't wear any makeup with the exception of certain brands of under eye concealer and lipstick. But even then, certain brands can burn my skin and lips, so I am very careful of what I use, I have used the same brand and color of lipstick for about 10 years.

When it comes to cleansers I cannot use anything that is anti-aging or that has any acid or alpha-hydroxy in it. I have used the same cleanser and lotion for about 20 years and only recently added some new cleanser to my meager collection. For a cleanser I use Dove sensitive skin bar soap and when I need some extra cleansing in the summer, I use a little witch hazel diluted with water on a cotton ball. I have most recently tried the Burts Bees Lemon Poppy Seed Facial Cleanser (4 oz.), which I use in the winter months, as my skin needs more moisturizing and is more sensitive when the weather is cold!

As for moisturizers, I only use one, Oil of Olay, sensitive skin active hydrating creme. I use it all year round. I have used this for many years also and I love it.

On a good note, I guess due to my lack of wearing makeup, I have pretty good skin. I often get compliments on my skin, which makes me feel really wonderful. There are many days I wish I could wear makeup, the days where my skin is sallow or I have the occasional pimple. But most days I am glad that I don't need it. And luckily my husband thinks I look better without it!

These are all products that I would be lost without! What can't you live without? Is there anything that you just hate if they stopped making it? Tell us about it!

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