Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Welcome to my new blog! I have wanted to create a blog for many months and finally I just took the plunge and created one!

As you can see from my bio section, I have 4 kids! This is my crew above, from a zoo trip this summer. We have 3 girls and had a son this past March. I love being a mom! It is my most challenging and yet most rewarding job. I have an amazing husband who stands by my daily crazy ideas.

Please join me as I blog about my crazy and fabulous life. Our house is never boring and I promise that some days I will make you laugh!

Also, just a word of warning, I am by no means an English major. The only grammar I have taken is what was required of me in high school and college, so I will have lots of run-on sentences and misplaced verbs? See I can't even remember the proper wording for what I am doing wrong!

Never the less, I will try and post something new every day as I strive to make my blog better and better. Please feel free to leave comments that might help me improve this blog!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jen, glad to see you blogging! I have a blog that I post to every now and again. Been a while though but I think I might start itback up again!

    Anyhow will check on you when I can. Keep in touch!