Friday, October 30, 2009

Kroger Deals

I had my two youngest with me, so I could have spent more time matching up coupons and sales, but quite honestly, I didn't have time. This is what I got.

2 Smart Balance butter $1.99 each on sale--no coupon (only butter my daughter can use)
2 Tombstone pizzas 2.49 each--$1.00 coupon on 2
Sunchips $3.79--$1 coupon (one of the only store bought snacks my daughter can have)
Wacky Mack spirals $1.89--$1 coupon
Big K Orange pop $1.99
2 Kroger pretzels $1.50 each
Capri Sun $1.78--$1 coupon
7.33 lb pork shoulder $6.52 (this is an awesome price, almost half price on sale this week!)
2 Sunbeam bread $1.51 each
2 Kroger brand chocolate chips $1.39 (one of two brands she can eat, the other costs 3 times as much!)
2 Playtex gloves $1.50--2 $1 coupons
2 Starkist Tuna $1 each--$1 coupon on each=Free
Kroger corn chips $1.39--$1 coupon each(mailer)=39 cents each
4 Whole Soy & Co. soy yogert $1.29 each
Activia 4 pk yogert $1.99--$1 coupon=99 cents!
3 Poweraide 89 cents--3 free coupons
Snapple drink- $1.00--$1 coupon=Free
Silk Soymilk--$2.99 (could not find my coupon I had for that!)
Ms. Grass noddle soup $1.21 (husband LOVES this when he is sick)
2 packs Kroger graham cookies for school party--$1.49 each
2 Ricola drops 99 cents each--B1G1F coupon
Ramen noodles $1.06
Kroger baking coacao $2.19
2 Progresso soup $1.85--$1 coupon=85 cents each!
2 Campbells Chunky soup $1.22 each--$1 coupon on 2
Lipton Cup a Soup $1.59 (my husband and I drink this when our throat hurts)
Kroger canned pumpkin $1.69
2 Poptarts--$1 coupon on 2 (Kroger mailer)
1 Chef Boy R Dee Chili Mac $1 (the only kind my daughter can have)
bananas $1.08

This was definately not my best. A few things we really needed, the rest I bought because they were good prices, or free. With my daughters food allergies, I can't just buy the cheapest of every food item, I have to get what she can have. Some things I just plain cannot comprimise on, like the soymilk and soy yogert. We are pretty stocked still on meat and the basics, this was really a snack refill! I saved a total of of $66.58 with my coupons and the sale prices. My total after all the coupons was $59.16 so I saved 75%. Not to mention I now have 527 fuel points to use, so I can save 50 cents a gallon!

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  1. Wow! Great savings!!!! Kroger is definitely the best store when it comes to food allergies. When my daughter was little and had a dairy allergy (now outgrown), Kroger was the ONLY store where I could find a ton of soy products. I think I need to start shopping there again! :)