Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cereal Anyone?

Excuse the quality, it was taken with my phone so I could text it to daddy.

Well, my little guy had his first Cheerios the other day. I broken them in half and he loved them. He would gum them up, as he still has no teeth! Now normally, this is a happy occasion and one just gives them to their child with theirr only worry being will they choke? However, to a family that has food allergies, with each new food, you wonder, will he have a reaction to this? I am happy to say that so far my son has had no reaction to Cheerios, which contains corn and wheat, so that was some good news!

Isn't he cute? He looks just like his daddy, who is also very handsome!

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  1. How Awesome! I am still hesitent to give Henry any regular foods yet and keeping with gluten-free foods and baby yogurt. Henry cut his first tooth last wednesday and on Thursday he cut his second one! We're also going the organic route, I did this with brandon but there were never really any concenrs with allergies just my concerns with pesticides etc...