Thursday, October 22, 2009


My 4 year old is quite adorable, we always joke that she is so smart and cute but that she uses it for evil instead of good. This is her playing dressup one day in her sisters old costume. There are some days where she spends her whole day in trouble from the moment her foot hits the floor in the morning, until when she finally goes to bed at night.

If she is quiet, you better find out where she is.

She just may have squirted the entire bottle of hand soap into the bathroom sink. No worries about wasted soap, she plugged the sink first, so that her Barbie’s could have a bubble bath.

And toilet paper, isn’t really for wiping bottoms, it is to be used to decorate the bathroom for a party.

When it is used for your bottom, we must use a minimum of half the roll. She likes to keep her dad’s plunging skills in check.

Did you know that now that it is getting cold, you can still wear your shorts? You just wear them over top of your pants.

Who needs to worry about getting food on your clothes, when you are wearing 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants? Just peal off a layer.

She is definitely jumping on the going green band wagon. Who needs paper for your pen when your leg will do just fine?

Her hair must be “beautiful,” it must be brushed down flat on both sides. Never mind the bed head in the back, who sees that from the front?

If there is a puddle, she will not step in it accidentally on purpose but do a cannon ball into it, who wants dry pants, socks and shoes anyway?

Boy does she love to sing. She can make a song about anything, even some things that really are not appropriate to sing about that happen in the aforementioned party room.

And be super careful what you say, because one day, she might say the exact same thing back to you and then what? Try digging yourself out of that whole.

And let’s not even go into her ability to pull one over on her mom, only to have it dawn on me later that is exactly what she did.

And depending on the day, and her mood and if she just got caught doing any of the above, she can walk by the cat and briefly give them a kick. When you catch her doing this, she gives you the “look away woman, there is nothing to see here” look.

She has always seemed so little, to us anyway. And she has multiple food allergies on top of being so tiny, which adds to the frail like quality of her, maybe because she can’t eat a lot of the high fat dairy products and processed foods. She can also be the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful kid ever and those times are wonderful. However there are many days that I am thankful for her spunkiness. It is this that will help her to deal with her food allergies as she gets older and keep her safe.

And that is spunkiness, 4 year old style.

And she is definately a Finer Thing. For more Finer Things, check out Amy at The Finer Things in Life.


  1. Your Bryce sounds awesome! I have a 4 year old Bryce too! He is pure, bright, joy! Little brother Skye....he is uses his powers for evil. Big blue eyes and halos of golden curls can help you get away with a lot!

  2. Oh Jen, I LOVE Bryce. She is attitude in small packaging!

  3. Your Bryce puts me in tears...laughing. She's adorable!