Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Heart Swagbucks!

Search & Win

For those of you that don't know about Swagbucks, boy are you missing out! You basically earn money to search! We all search the internet, so why not make money doing it?

First, click on the logo above, then create an account with them. This way they know where to send the money and can keep track of your swag bucks. Then whenever you make a search, just type it in your browser, or you can download their toolbar. You do need to make sure you are logged in, but you are able to check if you want them to remember you on that computer.

Then just search! Type in what you want to search on and every so often, you will earn a swagbuck, or five! Good luck!

I use it for all my searching and am able to win a few times a day usually. Then once you accumulate some swagbucks, you can go to their store and use it to buy things, such as Amazon giftcards.

This is definitely something you want to check out! It is for everyone and is totally worth the few minutes to set up your account.

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