Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great Deal on sheets

My older two needed some warm flannel sheets for winter. I was looking around at any store I happened to be in and either they didn't have them, or they were more than I wanted to pay.

About a week ago, my oldest daughter and I were at JCPenny for a return and walked by a display of winter themed flannel sheets with snow flakes and snow men on them. My daughter was not to happy with the print, but I very nicely told her that if I couldn't find a better price anywhere else, then snow men it was! She would get over it.

So the next day, I went online to JCPenny and they had solid color ones also on sale. The sheets were originally $49.99 a piece for a twin set. That includes the flat sheet, fitted sheet and one pillow case. They were on sale for $14.99. I then went to RetailMeNot  and found a code for 20% off. I went through eBates first, searched for JCPenny, then put my order in for 2 sets, $14.99 each, minus 20%, so $11.99 each. I did have to pay about $5 for shipping, but I also got 3% back from So all in all, I thought I got a great deal.

The sheets were delivered on Thursday and after I washed them up and put them on the beds, the girls loved them. They said they were super warm and soft!

Excuse the sideways photo. It wasn't sideways at all but everytime I try to import it into Blogger, it rotates and I can't figure out how to rotate it back in edit mode!

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