Friday, January 21, 2011

Tip of the Week and Frugal

Around here, we wash our hands a lot. Between the dogs, cats, kids, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, etc. Things can get messy around here in a hurry. Because of that we used to go through a lot of soap.

Regular soap is not only very harsh on our sensitive skin that we have around here, but we also tend to go through a lot.

I have found a wonderful solution to this. Homemade foam soap. I have some foam pumps that had run out and I saved them.  I fill them with about 80 percent water and 20 percent soap. And this is what I use:

This has a wonderful peppermint scent and is so calming to the skin. I even use it to freshen up on those days that I don't have time to shower. Not that I ever have those days, because I wake up and shower every morning and do my hair and makeup. Okay, I don't wear makeup and my hair hasn't seen a curling or flat iron in about 10 years, but still, the thought is there. Okay, so I do occasionally not take a shower on my days home.

But most importantly my husband doesn't mind the scent. He hates using girly soap. Basically anything that smells like fruit is girly in his book. I assure him that no one will accuse him of being girly but that doesn't seem to work.

This bottle goes on sale at our local grocery store occasionally but it is still cheaper on Amazon. I just combine this with another purchase so that i don't have to pay shipping. One bottle lasts so long, I honestly couldn't tell you when I bought it last.

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