Friday, January 14, 2011

Finer Thing Friday

This year for Christmas one of the things my mom gave to me will be something that I cherish for as long as I live. See the little note she tucked inside above?

She took a photo album and hand copied, yes I said hand copied all of her go-to recipes. These are the recipes that I make as well, but need to call her and say "hey mom, what else to I add to your stew?" Now, I know exactly how she made them and what she uses in her homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

She said that she spent many an afternoon copying these recipes. I love that they are in her handwriting.

Another extra special treat in here is that she did photocopy some recipes. These are the recipes that were handwritten by my grandpa. My dad's mom to be exact, she was Italian! So her recipes use pinches and whole bags of flour. But my grandma passed away when I was little, so the only memories that I have are of visiting her in her apartment and eating candy out of her glass candy dish that she always had on her table.

Oh and I also remember when my grandma got a new clock. Only she couldn't figure out exactly how it told time, it only played music. You guessed it, she had bought one of those "new" clock radios and didn't realize that she had sent it down on the part that told the time, the clock part!

So you can see why having some recipes in both my mom and my paternal grandma's handwriting. Someday I will have to add to it and pass it down to my kids.

Thanks mom for the wonderful gift, you know how much I love to cook and bake. Oh and she also got me a lovely roasting pan and a very cute wallet! Love you mom. What thoughtful and useful gift, which incidentally are my favorite types of gifts to receive!

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