Saturday, March 13, 2010

Homemade Chocolate Chips

Why would someone make homemade chocolate chips? You can buy them at the grocery store, they are relatively inexpensive and really, who has time to make them homemade?

Well, for those of you that don't know me, I love to cook and bake. So for me, it was a fun challange to make homemade chocolate chips.

So, being the quirky person that I am, I decided to make homemade chocolate chips. I know, I am strange.

I got my recipe here at Heavenly Homemakers. It is a pretty healthy recipe, since it is made with organic sucanat.

I really wanted to just throw everything in the microwave and it would be easy peezy, but I didn't.  I actually followed the directions and put them in a glass jar in a pot on the stove.

Once it melts all together, you pour it into a dish so that you can refridgerate it so it hardens.

They were a little time consuming but boy did they taste delicious. They tasted a little like chocolate ganache to me, so not exactly like store bought chocolate chips.

I made them with the intentions of making chocolate chip cookies. I would love to tell you that they were tasty. However, our homemade chocolate chips didn't make it to cookies. They were all eaten to quickly.

Oh well, they were still a good as is.

Would I make them again, probably not, they were too time consuming and didn't yield alot for my family of six. Not to mention that I am trying to not eat so much chocolate, as it doesn't like my stomach very much, but it does however love my butt and thighs. We have a love/hate relationship.

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